One world and your carbon footprint!

CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gases harm our climate, that much is clear; but do you know, how much greenhouse gas you produce compared to other people?

With this carbon calculator you can work out your share of CO2 emissions.

Our way of living at home has a global impact on our climate. However, whilst we have enough means to protect ourselves against the worst consequences of climate change, it is the poorest people on this earth who have to suffer the consequences. They have no way of protecting their belongings let alone their lives; and it is especially unfair that they are the least responsible for climate change. The poorest countries of the world have the lowest engergy consumption per capita and the lightest carbon footprint. It is the industrial countries that are primarily to blame for climate change.

It may be hard to understand what our consumer behaviour has to do with the rise in sea level in Bangladesh or why small island states are at risk of sinking, why droughts, cyclones and floods occur more often these days. With small changes in your everyday life you can contribute to helping our climate!

If you want to find out more about the one or the other aspect, simply click on these links.

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